Resin Flower Magnets - Fall Flowers


The sweetest magnets you’ve ever seen! A variety of resin flowers in the perfect mix of Fall/Autumn colors




Refrigerators – Magnetic message boards – lockers (gym and school)

Office gift exchanges

Yankee swaps


They also make great gift for your Garden Club, teacher, hostess and housewarming gifts!




▪ Set of 8 Magnets (assorted colors, and styles, similar to the ones shown in photos)

▪ Resin Flowers range in size: ½”- 1.25”

▪Spring Colors include: beige, tan, brown, off white, cream

▪VERY STRONG Rare Earth magnets*

▪Packaged and ready for gift giving (see photos for packaging style)




*Rare Earth magnets are VERY STRONG and pose a hazard to children and pets. As with all small items, please keep them out of reach of children

These are high quality magnets, but it's important to note that all magnetic surfaces are not the same. Some surfaces (file cabinets, lockers for example *may* have a stronger force than a magnetic dry erase board. These should easily hold thick cardstock, postcards, wedding invitations.

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